Thursday, 25 August 2011

A preview/review from Paul Gravett

I'm really happy to be able to post this up, a really nice preview (of the Nobrow book) and review (of my 'home-made' Klaus 1 and 2. Thanks again to (Dr) Debbora Hall for making those Klaus comics up on her (ex) university's printer).

Klausby Richard Short

The publisher says:

Visually informed by Short’s love of classic comic strips, especially Charles Schulz’ Peanuts and Tove Jansson’s Moomin, Klaus explores the un-adventures of the eponymous character, a pensive anthropomorphic cat, and a vexatious supporting cast of humanoid rats, inappropriately specie-d romantic interests and Klaus’ libertarian doppelganger Otto. Weaving literary allusions, metaphysical ruminations and physical comedy through crisp, cartoonish artwork Short has transplanted the spirit of the classic comic strip into a new, slightly stranger body.

Paul Gravett says:

Richard Short is another British creator new to me. He kindly sent me two of his self-published “hastily made” minis of Klaus from late 2010. He advised, “I think only around half of these have made in into the Nobrow book”. It takes little time reading them to realise that Short is mastering the four-panel webcomic format with a deft wit and imagination. Klaus is not quite a “proper cat”, so for example he doesn’t eat the Great Auk mother’s chick which he hatches but rears it, and sleeps for as much as 16 hours a day -  “I’m not your average cat.” The expanding ensemble cast includes the yang to his yin, black cat Otto, and foils Alan/Terry/Barry, the curious rat-tailed homunculi. The cumulative effect is pleasantly mind- and mood-altering. Philosophical, bizarre and funny, often all at once, Klaus is a great addition to the fine feline tradition in comics from Felix and Krazy Kat to The Rabbi’s Cat, and is no relation, by the way, to Gunnar Lundkvist’s existentially challenged Swedish moggie on two legs, Klas Katt


The full previews on Paul Gravett's website are here.

More cat comics

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Otto comic for Wednesday

I've been drawing one comic a day and I'll post them all up, even the awful ones and the ones that my housemate thinks are "too broad" to show anyone.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Something old and some things new

I think that the latter two, the new ones, are too pat, too sentimental and really too twee, and so they weren't considered for the book. I think I was listening to too much Radio 4 while writing these ones. Beware Radio 4.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Cat's Body

Go For The Gold 4

I received the new Go For The Gold 4 in the post yesterday. It's really good, a big slab of impure cartooning. I was reading it on the train yesterday and the primary schooler next to me was rubbernecking, devouring with his tiny eyes all of the tits, shits and weird creatures. I've got eight pages in it, including my Velvet Underground picture above. Two of my favourite things in it are Victor Kerlow's Black Shit Monster and these toads/frogs by Chris McDonnell. I also liked Mikkel Sommer's cartoon-headed bodies.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

New Klaus; Lovely Horse

The former strip was in my homemade 'Klaus 1' comic and is already on the internet. The latter strip is a new one that won't be in the book, as far as I know. I thought that the latter wouldn't make much sense without the former.

BEHIND THE MAGIC: Looking over Jesse Moynihan's Kime Again recently I realised that the name Lovely Horse was just me apeing 'Sad Pony'. You write these things down and you forget where they come from.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I stopped listening to Radio 5 Live because of their preoccupation with Twitter, but now I'm on it, feeling slightly disgusted with myself.

Something I heard on the train the other week

Which I turned into a comic with the rat characters from Klaus. I rarely turn overheard things, or things that are said to me, into comics. I'm not sure that it works, coming from cartoon mouths.

Gig posters

I'm still drawing gig posters and recently one of them, for a Vivian Girls and Veronica Falls gig, was in some free music papers, The Stool Pigeon and Loud and Quiet. I really love designing posters and I'm always open to poorly-paying short-norice requests. Most of my previous posters are on (excuse the Brothers Grott moniker - it's from when I did slightly gothier comics).


Nobrow Press are publishing a collection of my Klaus comic strips on 22nd October, which I'm really excited about. You can read about the book here. You can also read reviews of my home-made Klaus comics by Avoid The Future and Forbidden Planet and look at some of the older Klaus strips and art on Flickr.

Meathaus GO FOR THE GOLD! 4

I've got a few pages included in Meathaus' new 379 page sketchbook behemoth GO FOR THE GOLD! 4. You can see a video preview and a list of contributors, with links, through the link above. It's looks really good and I'm very excited about seeing it.

A new beginning

As I have a few things coming out this year I thought it would be good to start afresh and present myself at my best. So I'm erasing my blog-past, wiping it from the comics landscape, and starting again with this one. But first I've looted some things from my old pages; just the new, top-notch stuff, Fortnum & Mason-level news and drawing. The rest - the dirty scraps of art and shoddily-made cut-price scribbles - have been left behind, in the sadly-smouldering embers.