Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Klaus review from Design Week

I'm still drawing my six page Klaus comic for Kus (a page a day, between job applications) so for now there's no new work that I can show. But here's a nice mention of the book by Design Week;

"In a very different tale, Short’s Klaus the anthropomorphic cat, a witty little Moomin-like devil, stars amongst a cast of peculiar creatures including ‘humanoid rats’ and his feline ‘libertarian doppelganger Otto.’

In a departure from usual comic language, the dialogue is packed with literary allusions, anachronistic speech inflections and poetic quips, making for a brilliantly funny, surreal read."

The photo of the book and poster above was taken by Roman Muradov, whose work is lovely.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Nether-le-Nudd, page 1 of a football comic

I'm drawing a six (or so) page Klaus comic at the minute, so nothing new will be posted for a week or so. I thought I'd post this first page of a football comic in the meantime. I haven't drawn a second page, the punchline page, the point of the story, as I didn't like this first page. But here it is. The one below is an older football comic page from earlier in the year. It's 'about' the Brazil team of the 1970 world cup.